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At Grasslands Dental Care, we've been helping our nervous & anxious patients be more at ease during appointments for over 30 years.

At Grasslands Dental Care, we understand that for some of our patients a visit to the dentist can cause a little anxiety. For some, it's the thought of getting an injection, for others, it's post-operative discomfort.

Whatever the reason, our team is ready to listen closely and help you through your appointment. We also offer dental sedation to help calm anxious patients or to help you through a long or complex procedure. The good news is, we've seen patients relax over time to a point where they actually look forward to their appointments!

We Calm Anxious Patients, Grasslands Dental Care, Kamloops, BC4 Factors That Can Affect Anxiety

1. Uncertainty

We're all a little guilty of it – being a little afraid to try new things. That's why your team at Grasslands Dental Care will help you understand what's involved before we perform any procedure. Or, if you're the type of patient who doesn't want to know all the details – we'll keep them to ourselves.

2. A Bad Prior Experience

Sometimes a bad experience can affect us a lot longer than we'd like to admit. Sometimes that experience can make simply entering a dental office overwhelming.

Please let our team know if you've ever had a bad experience – we always aim to help you feel more safe and comfortable in our care. It is an important part of our job.

3. Not Being Ready

On a regular basis, we see anxious patients with a fear of needles.

In order to help reduce that fear, we'll administer a topical treatment before we begin to help well freeze your gums. This will help prevent any pain during treatment, and you shouldn't feel the injection.

Just let us know when you are ready and we will take you through the procedure gently. If you would like us to stop at any point during the procedure, just raise your hand or give us a signal and we won't begin again until you are ready.

Please call. We're here to help. Learn more about sedation.

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