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Get the straight, white teeth you've always wanted, with our full range of Cosmetic options at Grasslands Dental Care.

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The simple truth is that our teeth yellow as we age. Plus, they can be stained by colas, coffee, red wine and more. So if you're considering whiter, younger looking teeth – a whitening treatment may be right for you.

Naturally, before having your teeth whitened, you'll need to schedule a professional cleaning. This will remove any surface stains and make the whitening process that much more effective. You'll also want to allow about 90 minutes for the treatment.

As with any dental treatment, make sure to talk to your dental healthcare team before making any decisions. And remember, your Grasslands Dental Care team is here to advise you any time.

Smile Makeovers For Beautiful Teeth

Thinking about a smile makeover but not sure what to expect? Count on your Grasslands Dental Care team to bring out the smile you've been dreaming of. You'll start with a consultation.

This is where you sit down with Dr. Oppenheim to discuss what you like, what you don't like – the smile you've always imagined you could have. From there, Dr. Oppenheim and the Grasslands Dental Care team will put together a treatment plan.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are fillings that help correct chipped, misshapen, broken, asymmetrical, or decayed and damaged teeth. They are custom-made for your teeth, and are similarly coloured to enamel.

Inlays – Fit just inside the cusps (or bumps) of a tooth, similar to a composite filling.

Onlays – Cover more surface area than inlays, wrapping over one or more edges of the tooth.


Bonding is a process we use at Grasslands Dental Care to bring out your best smile and maybe even help you feel a little more confident. We'll match the bond to the shade, translucency and texture of your teeth to correct imperfections such as gaps between teeth, spots and discolourations.

Our experienced dental team will match the shade of your existing teeth by applying a resin to the affected teeth – it's a process similar to filling a cavity. It's referred to as bonding because an adhesive agent is used to actually bond the resin to the tooth structure.

The resin is hardened (cured) with a curing light and then shaped, contoured, and polished to provide a consistent texture and natural appearance.

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