Children's Dentist in Kamloops

At Grasslands Dental Care in Kamloops, we make aim to make your children feel right at home. From toys and books to a tour of our office, we help make healthy smiles as enjoyable as possible for kids.

Your Grasslands Dental Care team believes it's never too early to start on the road to good dental health. This is why we'll go the distance to help every child feels safe, comfortable, and relaxed.

Helping children be more at ease could have them looking forward to their next visit.

Childrens Dentistry, Grassland Dental Care, Kamloops, BC

What types of dental services for children in Kamloops do we offer?

At Grasslands Dental Care, our experienced team offers a vast range of dentistry services to help meet the needs of a child's growing mouth, including:

  • Dental sealants, to help protect your child's baby teeth from cavities
  • Space maintainers, for early orthodontic intervention
  • Custom-made sports guards

What can you expect on your child's first visit?

We'll do everything we can to help make sure your child's first visit is as stress-free as possible for both you and your child!

We take a great deal of care when introducing kids to the dentist's chair. In fact, we'll even give them a 'ride' on it, and demonstrate how some of our 'cool equipment' works.

If your child feels ready for their very first hygiene visit after this, we'll go ahead. If not, you can choose to bring them back when they're ready.

You can trust us with your child's dental care.

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