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Prevention. Early detection. Treatment. At Grasslands Dental Care, we offer oral hygiene and cleanings.

You've no doubt had your teeth cleaned. But what is it that we actually do when we actually clean your teeth? At Grasslands Dental Care we'll evaluate what your particular risks and needs are and tailor your oral health care and dental cleanings just for you.

At your appointment, we remove soft (plaque) and hard (tartar, calculus, or stains) deposits from your teeth to help prevent or delay the progression of periodontal disease.

We'll begin with a thorough soft tissue examination and then screen for signs of gum disease, (also known as periodontal disease). Then, we'll complete a charting of cavities, existing restorations that often include fillings, crowns, and other pre-existing tooth conditions.

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Treating Dry Mouth

It's important to know the signs and symptoms of dry mouth. These can include bad breath, a sticky or dry sore mouth, blisters, and mouth ulcers, and waking up thirsty at night – just to name a few.

There are also a number of treatments available to help patients who are diagnosed with dry mouth including oral rinses and lozenges.

If you suspect you have dry mouth, book your appointment today and let your Grasslands Dental Care team develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Gum Disease Therapy

Did you know that your gum health greatly impacts the overall health of your mouth and entire body? That's one reason why at Grasslands Dental Care we're focused on Prevention and Early Detection.

There are many factors that can increase your chances of developing gum disease including smoking and as a side-effect of many medications. Regular checkups can help identify the signs early and help prevent further infection.

For patients who require periodontal therapy, we offer root planning, root scaling, deep cleanings, soft tissue treatments – even surgery where necessary. Your Grasslands Dental Care Team is happy to provide you with a consultation.

Oral Health Maintenance

How often a patient should visit their dentist depends entirely on the health of their teeth and gums and their individual risk for developing gum infection.

At Grasslands Dental Care, we recommend that children and adults have their teeth cleaned at least once every 6-12 months.

For patients who are concerned that they may be at risk because of age, tobacco use, rate of accumulation of deposits, personal oral hygiene practices, or medical conditions such as diabetes – a more aggressive oral health maintenance plan may be required.

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